Finger Body Temperature Pro

Finger Body Temperature Pro

Finger Body Temperature Pro

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human body thermometer Prank

human body tempirature Prank

Heart rate and temperature sensor by fingertip using Arduino

Our fingerprint body temperature checker pro is a good method to check your body temperature easily, free of charge and without internet connection.

temperature of body Pro uses the fingerprint technology like several other apps in this store such as blood pressure checker and heart rate measurement, it lets you know if your body temperature is normal, high or low without any effort.

Now, using a finger scanner that simulates a human body temperature thermometer, you can check the fever temperature by a single click and for free.

* Mésure température du corps
* قياس درجة حرارة الجسم

just press your finger on the fingerprint for almost 6 seconds, and the display of our body temperature measurement will directly display the dynamic thermometer diagram and your body temperature result will be displayed.